‘We took part in the Toddlebike Trial and have never looked back!’

We took part in the toddlebike trial and have never looked back!


Our son took up the challenge when he was about 18 months and was keen straight away to get onto the bike. Unfortunately his co-ordination wasn’t quite what he expected but the bike is light enough that he took to pushing it round as he walked next to the bike. However, that didn’t last too long as he still was keen to sit on it and motor around and persistence paid off.


He is now almost two and can get up a good speed on the bike. Although it took him a little while to get going the bike is sturdy enough to mean he hasn’t fallen off it.


The various holes in the frame allow for the bike to be hooked over the handle of a buggy when not in use or easily carried when attention has been drawn elsewhere. Plus as it is so light not only is it easy for us to carry but also our littleun has taken to carrying it around sometimes!


All in all it is well worth the money. Our son loves it and it has given him confidence and balance to mean moving onto a balance bike as he gets a bit older will be an easier step.


Fred 18 months