‘Overall we are very impressed with the Toddlebike and it’s one of Mia’s favourite toys’

Overall we are very impressed with the Toddlebike and it’s one of Mia’s favourite toys which we will defiantly be using outside a lot more. The Toddlebike is light enough to be easily carried or strapped to a rucksack for when she does not want to ride and sturdy enough to take a fair bit of abuse.


I’m a keen cyclist and wanted to start Mia on bikes early to improve her balance confidence. My daughter, Mia, has just turned 2 and is a cheery, running about kind of baby, she is quite handy with push along toys both at home and nursery but she has not had access to a ride on. Mia initially blanked the Toddlebike when it arrived, she would push it about but she had more interest in her other toys, with time she started showing more interest and would ride it around the house sitting on the cross bar.


Now she has grown and can easily get on and off the bike herself she can usually be found on it a few times a day, just to ride to the kitchen and back. The first time we took it outside was a visit to the ducks about 500 metres down the road, this trip did not phase Mia, she will usually walk half the way and want to be carried, on the Toddlebike she rode all the way there and then came home the long way without complaint. With uneven footpaths and a hill to contend with I was a little concerned with how she would handle the speed and undulations, the Toddlebike was really stable and must of installed a lot of confidence in Mia as she was not phased by any of the journey.


Mia 20 months