‘Took to his Toddlebike straight away, a super addition to his toys’

My initial impression was very good, I thought the bike was well made, sturdy yet light enough for a toddler to pick up and use, quite a wise choice of materials, which must help keep the costs down and lovely bright colours to catch the eye straight away.


Finley’s first impressions, well, jumping up and down shouting BIKE! BIKE! BIKE! Kind of sums it up, he couldn’t wait to get some miles in! Up and down the kitchen, he wouldn’t get of it, he took to it straight away, but then using his scuttlebug must have helped. He tried taking it in the bath with him that night, and even sat on it watching his favourite TV show instead of sitting on the floor as he usually does…


As I have said Finley took to his Toddlebike straight away having already had some experience on his trike. He started indoors buzzing around the house, but quickly moved outside and used it in the garden and on the patio, he now uses it when we go out for walks, it’s never far from hand.


In Summary, the Toddlebike has been a great success, and a super addition to Finley’s toys. Other children have played on it, and its been used pretty much every day without letting us down.


Graham and Finley 22 months