‘If I had known about the toddlebike before, I would not have brought the scuttle bug’

I love how light the toddlebike is and that I can easily clip it onto the pushchair handlebars, it is also very sturdy and much stronger than it looks, and it has taken a lot of abuse from Harrison.


Harrison was 22months when we received the toddlebike. Harrison is a very busy little boy who much prefers to be outside than indoors, he is very social and out going and he has no fear. We picked our toddlebike up from the toddlebike event at the IOW cycling festival, Harrison jumped straight on it and was racing around with the other toddlers straight away.


My first impression of the bike was that it was brightly coloured but small, but as there were several toddlers bigger and smaller than Harrison at the event, and they all looked the same on the bike, I think it is just the way they look on the bike (if that makes any sense).


Harrison has only used his toddlebike outside, it goes well on grass and tarmac but struggles with the little stones that some paths have, it also goes well on the beach (wet sand) and through puddles.


Harrison is able to ride it at a good walking pace so I don’t feel like I’m always waiting for him, it is quite noisy, but I like that as if he is riding behind me I can hear if he stops (but usually he is in front of me!!). The only downside of the toddlebike for us is that Harrison is way to confident on it, he tends to ride it way to fast, especially downhill!!


I think a RRP of around £20 is about right for it, we have a scuttle bug and the tp bouncycle, the bouncycle is loud and not able to be used outside and we much prefer the toddlebike to the scuttlebug, the toddlebike is much more versatile and goes a lot better outside (if I had known about the toddlebike before, I would not have brought the scuttle bug)


Harrison turned 2yr a couple of days ago and he received a balance bike as a present, he was able to balance on it straight away and was happy zooming downhill on it with his feet up, so I think the toddlebike must have helped with his balance, we have decided to keep our toddlebike even though he now has the balance bike as for me, when i am on my own with Harrison, and we go walking I can easily take the toddlebike with us on the pushchair.


Nadine and Harrison – 22 months