‘The Toddlebike fitted the gap between baby ride-on toys (which are useless IMO) to balance bikes perfectly’.

We love the Toddlebike dearly and it has truly become an important bit of kit. We think it provides immense amounts of value in terms of exercise, practicality, fun and enjoyment and will probably purchase it as a gift for other children we now in the future.


Isobel is 25 months old, a very physical child who loves climbing and jumping and running and going fast! When the Toddlebike arrived we were impressed with how light it was but wondered how long it would be before she wrecked it! Isobel got on board right away and seemed very pleased with it.


I think the cost of the bike is excellent value for the amount of time they spend using it. I don’t think anything we have compares with the Toddlebike. The Toddlebike fitted the gap between baby ride-on toys (which are useless IMO) to balance bikes perfectly. Most sit-on toys have a wide wheel base and are awkward and heavy by comparison. And most young toddlers couldn’t manage a balance bike, even one of the smaller brands, until they’re two or more.


Isobel did her first Toddlebiking indoors, and didn’t use the crossbar as many others seemed to. She quickly progressed to using it on grass in the garden and within a couple of months was quite confident “balancing” with her feet up, at speed, on tarmac!


The Toddle bike has been used constantly – virtually daily, sometimes several times. As well as being a toy it has largely replaced the pushchair for the school run, because it is just as fast (and much faster than if she was walking) and offers her the chance to be moving. She likes to carry it around and play with it between journeys. It has been used in all weathers and on numerous surfaces, from grass to tarmac to sand to hardcore tracks to bike trails …I think Toddlebikes provide a great way of getting around with a toddler who still walks slowly and would otherwise be in a buggy – therefore it may be something which health visitors or early years workers would be keen to promote.


Isobel 2 years