“I think the Toddlebike is a better design than trikes-with-pedals”

Us: It’s very good value & a great first step in the world of bikes, I think the Toddlebike is a better design than trikes-with-pedals. Him: Bike!


I’d seen photos online so it was very much as I expected. Nice and light, materials not as tactile as they might be in places but given the price that’s not unreasonable.Seems like good value to me, considering the many hours of use he’s getting out of it. Would recommend it to friends (indeed, have done.


Nick is now 22 months old – he was 17mths when he got the Toddlebike. He likes running around & trying to copy whatever his big brother (Joe, 4yrs) is up to. Nearest comparison that he’s played with is a (small size) Wheelybug toddler ride-on. The materials on the Wheelybug are a lot nicer in some respects – leather (probably synthetic?) cover, wooden base, durable caster wheels – but the Wheelybug is much more expensive (more than twice as much), a lot heavier & doesn’t give him the opportunity to learn balance in the same way.


Other than that, we have a couple of old toddler trikes, but they’re a bit difficult to work & just not so much fun. Because they’re much heavier and have more of a bucket-seat design, he can’t steer them just by putting his feet on the ground – has to pedal & turn the steering wheel at the same time, which is a bit much to ask of someone that’s not even 2. For that reason alone I think the Toddlebike is a better design than trikes-with-pedals.


He got the hang of it very quickly without much help, but he’s seen his older brother on a balance bike & was extremely pleased to have his own “bike” so as to be able to copy him. He mostly uses it indoors – we take it out a bit, but the wheels don’t perform brilliantly on the outdoor surfaces we have access to (roughish asphalt, grass, hard-packed dirt, uneven path parks etc.). I think it’s a combination of the light weight of the bike itself and the hard & not-very-grippy wheels.. it works really well on carpet, wooden floors and very smooth outdoor surfaces (smooth concrete, fine asphalt), and OK on grass, but I think slightly bigger + heavier wheels with a layer of rubber around the outside might make it more satisfactory on rougher surfaces.


His big brother has moved up from the balance bike he had before to a “proper” bike, and now little Nick is desperate to try the balance bike! But he’s still too small to ride it so he’ll be on the Toddlebike at least until the spring & then hopefully move up around age 2 ½.


Dad & Nick 17 months