‘The Toddlebike has become an irreplaceable part of our lives’

We feel Toddlebike is great value for money at around £25, particularly considering what a central role it has come to play in our everyday lives. From what I’ve seen, you’d be hard pushed to find such a sturdy, durable and versatile ride-on toy for a similar price (although my experience of these is admittedly limited). In comparison with other similar ride-ons I feel that the way toddlebike works (as a scooter rather than with pedals) is a great way of working up to a real bike and works as a good step up to a balance bike (which we are considering next).


Our Toddlebike Review:  we got the toddlebike when Anna was 19 months old and I was pregnant with her little sister. The toddlebike has made trips out much easier as Anna can easily keep up with us and, if she does get tired, we can just hang the toddlebike off the buggy/pram handle, or even put it in the basket under the buggy or pram.


Anna is a happy, active girl and, at the time, had no experience of a ride-on. She’s fairly big for her age and, at 19 months, was happy running about, although we used the buggy for longer walks as she got tired and couldn’t always keep up with us. When the toddlebike arrived I was surprised by how small and lightweight it was and, to be honest, had my doubts about whether Anna would take to it, or whether she might be too big!


Anna seemed to love the bike from the outset, but was initially a bit unsure about riding it. She spent a bit of time pushing it around the house, then trying to ride on the crossbar before getting the hang of it a few weeks in. She then gained confidence, mainly riding it around the front room before taking it outside. After a few trips down the road and to the local park it suddenly clicked and we found Anna was speeding around in the toddlebike and wanting to take it along everywhere we went. Anna did have a couple of falls after scooting at high speed down slopes but she didn’t really get hurt and these didn’t seem to bother her at all. She’s used it on walks to the local town centre and in parks- across various terrains and in all weathers- and is completely happy zipping about everywhere on her own. It’s been great to see Anna so active and confident out and about! Anna is now very attached to the toddlebike, which sometimes causes us the odd problem: she isn’t keen on getting off it to go on rides at the park. (see pic) and likes to have it about even when sitting on the potty…(see pic)


Overall, the toddlebike has become an irreplaceable part of our lives- it’s bright, versatile and great fun. We’ve loved seeing Anna so active and confident and would definitely recommend the toddlebike to others with kids of similar ages. We feel very lucky to have been able to take part in the trial and, personally, tell friends about the toddlebike all the time.


Anna 19 months