‘A pretty good in between choice for toddlers to get used to steering and balance’

All in all a pretty good in between choice for toddlers to get used to steering and balance. We’re now planning to get a balance bike for her 2nd birthday, so this should ensure her progress onto the balance bike is smooth.


Our toddler was about 18 months old when we first decided to try the toddlebike. We were told that it was more suitable for around 2 year olds. She was relatively slight but is a bit of a thrill seeker. She was enjoying ride on toys more and more and we thought it would be good to try something requiring a bit more balance and hand eye co-ordination.


First impressions were quite good – the bike it made out of fairly thick decent quality plastic and is quite attractive.


At first we only kept the bike inside and in the garden and let our toddler try it at her own speed. At first she fell off a few times when turning but has gradually become more and more confident (sometimes overconfident). She used it in the same as any other ride on toy to start; by sitting on the top bar and steering very little but picking it up and turning the whole thing, but she picked up the steering quite quickly and gradually moved back to sitting on the saddle. This happened over perhaps a couple of months of intermittent use.


She’s now at 22 months really enjoying freewheeling the entire length of our living room and taking it out and about. She does think she can control her speed better than she actually can but is enjoying the thrill of speed. We have taken the bike to the park and to the local shops and it works quite well, as long as you can catch her quick.


Olivia 18 months