‘Jamie’s Toddlebike blog!’

The Dad of one of our Toddlebike trial riders has set up a blog to write about his son Jamie’s progress on the Toddlebike throughout the trial.


His reason for taking part:


” I have two sons, Callum my eldest is 6 years old and Jamie has just turned 2 years old. I’m currently in the process of trying to get Callum to ride his bike unaided. This has proved a challenge as like typical boys his balance isn’t the best! I’ve tried removing both stabilisers and when then failed miserably I put one back on but he just kept leaning to that side! I then purchased a handle thing that attaches onto the rear wheel axle and allows me to keep the bike upwards without the need for stabilisers. Again this isn’t going as smoothly as I anticipated as his body still leans to one side.


As a keen cyclist myself, loving the concept of the bike and willing to let my youngest lose on it! I’m hoping that with the use of the ToddleBike the transition will be a lot smoother!”