‘It has given her hours and hours of fun over the summer’

Overall we are very satisfied with Toddlebike and how it has helped Holly progress quickly onto a balance bike and hopefully in the future a pedal bike, it’s educational, durable, stylish and practical. Most important of all though, Holly loves it! It has given her hours and hours of fun over the summer


Holly is an active 2 year old who has no fear and loves rough and tumble, she has boundless energy and cannot sit still for long, she loves dancing to music or being outside with space to run around. Holly also likes doing activities such as crafting/painting, reading her books and going to the park.


When we read about Toddlebike we were immediately intrigued as it sounded ideal for our daughter who from a very early age has had great pleasure riding on anything with wheels, from her initial baby walker, on to a scuttle-bug and through to a smart-trike.


When the parcel containing the Toddlebike arrived we were initially very confused as the package it came in was so small, in our mind I think we were expecting something considerably bigger and heavier. First impressions on opening the package were not much better, we thought that it seemed a little flimsy in construction and knowing how destructive Holly can be, we fully expected her to have wrecked the bike within a few weeks, however as detailed later on in this review, it proved to be very wrong assumption to make.


Holly took to the Toddlebike immediately, first she pushed it around by the seat, then she pushed it around by the handlebars and then once we had shown her what fun it would be to actually sit on it, within 5 minutes she was whizzing around the house.


It is written on a lot of reviews that toddlers learn to Toddlebike by sitting on the crossbar first before moving back onto the seat, however for Holly this proved not to be the case and she used the saddle from the word go. Initially she did catch her legs on the back wheels quite a lot causing her some problems with co-ordination and steering, however she soon learnt how to avoid that and her pedalling action improved no end. Within just a day or so of riding it we were shocked when on a gentle slope outside the house she lifted both her legs forward and allowed the Toddlebike to freewheel all the way down the drive.


A few days after receiving Toddlebike we went on holiday to Cornwall and decided to take it with us, the small size meaning it easily slipped into the car along with all the other holiday essentials. It proved a great hit the whole time we were away as it allowed her to scoot happily around the hotel, plus when we were out and about, (because the bike is so small and light), we were able to take it everywhere with us and when Holly became tired it was no hardship to carry both her and the bike.


The weather while we were away was mixed to say the least and the Toddlebike got used in all conditions, it was used outside on the beach, grass, mud, tarmac, gravel and indoors on carpet and floor tiles. It performed superbly well on all surfaces and the large wheels seem to spin amazingly freely, when dirty it is a 5 minute job to rinse it down and then it’s as good as new again.


After 3 months of being used and abused by Holly and her friends, the only visible marks on the bike are to the plastic wheels where they have been scratched from being used outside, however this is to be expected and the rest of the bike is as good as new.


Everywhere we have been with the bike it seems to draw children in and they all want to play on it, (some being much bigger than it is probably designed for), however it held up admirably and never once looked like breaking. It’s fair to say that it has also drawn in the adults too and on several visits to the park or to friends houses we have been questioned at length as to where we got it from.


Now that the trial is over we have noticed a dramatic improvement in Holly’s co-ordination and balance from where she started in June, so much so that we bought her a proper balance bike for her 2nd birthday in August. While most toddlers of her age are still struggling to get to grips with more stable ride on type toys, after only a few weeks on her balance bike Holly is already learning to ride it with confidence and has even started lifting both feet from time to time on downhill stretches. Aside from the biking aspect, Holly also seems much more confident at balancing on other things as well, for example balance beams in parks and when holding hands while walking along walls.