‘First impressions were good, she’s developing very quickly’

First impressions were good, and Isabel took to it very quickly (albeit she preferred carrying it to riding it at first). It actually looks slightly unstable just given how close the wheels are together laterally, but in actual fact it works fine.


The toddlebike is used every single day in our kitchen, and at her grandparents (who live in a large flat) but not yet outdoors too much. She’s developing very quickly – I have noticed she’s much better at climbing over things and using a hand to balance, exactly as she does on the toddlebike.

I have seen some other ladybug type mini bikes, but these are trikes with 2 wheels at the back, are very much wider, and therefore are not nearly as portable as the toddlebike…I think it’s an excellent product, all things considered.


Andrew and Isabel 17 months