‘A fantastic little bike that can be taken anywhere, certainly been a strong hit in our house! ‘

My youngest daughter Lowenna who is now 2 years 1 month took to it like a duck to water. It’s very lightweight, a fantastic little bike that can be taken anywhere and put in the car behind the seats without taking up any real room! My daughter has loved it, and much to the dismay of my eldest daughter she’s not been allowed on it!


Lowenna has been playing on the Toddlebike since it’s arrival, first impressions on the TB are great, as soon as it came out the packaging, it was obvious nothing else was going to get a look in nor anyone else. We as a family like to be out and about and the Toddlebike has been out on many of the outings! It’s certainly been one of the favourite toys and a great success.


The TB has been a great addition to the family, used mostly around the garden and house but it also has been to many places with us, around the woods, to visit friends on the camp site, the ability to pop it on the back of the pushchair without noticing the weight has been fantastic. It’s been very much enjoyed. On a recent visit from some family, Lowenna allowed her little cousin to try it, little Holly loved it and wouldn’t let it go, both girls were hooning around the garden on it with great excitement.

I think the price of the Tb is spot on at £20 (online price) and is something that certainly helps little uns get a feel for their own powered motion, something that will last a good length of time for them to use, and also something that can be passed down to younger siblings or friends, it is something that they don’t seem to tire of,  it’s certainly great value for money.


We have been given a ‘scuttlebug’ which is a 3 wheeled sit on scooter type thing that has folding wheels for easier storage, it’s significantly heavier than the TB and a lot more cumbersome, and I have to say,  it’s not been taken to by the little un in the same way that the TB has, and developmentally I don’t really see any benefit over it to the TB, whilst it has one less wheel it’s no less stable, it steers as does the TB,  thinking out loud here,  if there were to be a slightly larger version of the TB that had the option to convert to 2 wheeled motion (wheels into the middle of the forks front and rear ) then it’s something that could certainly help through the personal powered motion onto balance and then into pedal powered.


I think if you were to get some TB’s into nursery schools that deal with the children in the age range for it, and the parents see the little uns using them then they would be more prepared to get one for home, and thus friends of see them etc. I think these are great little bikes, and has certainly been a strong hit in our house! Thank-you for allowing me and my youngest to be part of the trial!!”


Lowenna – 21 months