‘Everyone I have met has been impressed with the Toddlebike.’

Harry has gained a lot from his time using Toddlebike. It has meant the school run has been quicker as he has strived for independence and wanting to walk constantly. Using Toddlebike along with him walking has made it all the more enjoyable. Everyone I have met has been impressed with the Toddlebike.


Harry was about 18mths when he first got his Toddlebike. He had already been immersed in cycling since he could remember as many of our journeys were done with him in his trailer and his older brother (7) cycling independently. From the moment he could cruise and toddle, his favourite toys had been things to push or ride on. Baby buggies, wheelie bugs, pretty much anything with wheels.


Harry had already become quite proficient at pushing his wheelie bug around, so we weren’t sure whether the toddle bike would be fast enough for him. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by how light it was coupled with being sturdily built. Often children’s toys that are light are usually of a poor build quality, but not so here. Harry loved it at first sight. Got on, whizzed around, took a corner to quickly and ended up over the handlebars. It was probably mean of me to laugh. But it took another few weeks for him to want to get back on. It’s all part of the learning process and I left him to completely work it out for himself at his own speed. The size meant that it was easy enough to sling onto the buggy so it could go with us on the school run etc.


I genuinely think that Toddlebike is priced slightly too low. I think a slightly higher price would give the impression of its build quality. As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t expected it to be as sturdy as it was. Maybe it was because I was expecting a £20 bike and we all know what that means! I would, however, keep the price low for nurseries. Harry took his to nursery on several occasions and the children loved it. They were very interested in purchasing their own and if parents saw their children riding them, they would be more inclined to purchase them to use at home also.


We are lucky enough to have a large house, with lots of indoor space. It means the children both got to race around indoors (the older one on his old wheelie bug to try and keep up). It is a fast wooden floor but it meant that on the rough pavements Harry got a bit frustrated that it wasn’t as fast as he was used to. He also took his Toddlebike off road for a bit of mud and gravel. Maybe he is a mountain biker at heart.


Harry is now making the progression on to a balance bike and attending the Strider Sessions at the National Cycle centre. I certainly wouldn’t have done this around his 2nd birthday had he not been so confident on his Toddlebike.


We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the trial.


Harry 18 Months