‘children should be given exercise and outdoors fun….Toddlebike is definitely a way to achieve it.’

Hi we would love to give you some feedback on a toddle bike we bought direct from yourselfs online.


We initially found out about these wonderful wee bikes when we visited bike shops in search of a small balance bike for our daughter Nola but being only 1 year old we couldn’t find anything small enough out there. It was by luck that an employe told us about toddle bikes and recommended one.


We were surprised how affordable they were and impressed with bike arriving in couple of days!


The bike was an instant hit and Nola was soon becoming well known for speeding around Banchory (our village) no matter what the weather, the bike is so small and light that it even sat on her lap in car seat if we couldn’t travel buy foot!


Nola is very petite and still using her bike at 27 months and we must admit it will be a sad day when we retire it for hopefully the next stage of a balance bike.


The bike has been great fun, allowed nola to keep up with her 3 elder sisters, taught Nola from a young age confidence on a bike and prepared her for next stage, gave good exercise and we think all little people should own one!


We have passed people with children strapped in buggies while our little girl drives past having a great time and for those folk that say “your brave running along with her on a bike” Well NO we are parents that think children should be given exercise and out doors fun from as young as possible and a toddlebike is definetly a way to achieve it :-).


Many thanks Paula and Richard and of course Nola Thorne.