‘Can’t rate this product any higher!, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!’

So here we are 2 months down the line with the ToddleBike and Jamie forming an inseparable partnership! Jamie’s enthusiasm for the bike keeps growing! Can’t rate this product any higher! It’s been well used and abused yet still looks brand new with no scratches on it!


So to anyone out there thinking about getting one………. don’t think just get out there and buy one, you won’t regret it! Just to see the big smiles on your kids faces while on the ToddleBike is worth the money alone!


So how has the last 2 months gone? Very quickly! Jamie was first introduced to his ToddleBike on 12th August, the day we arrived back from holiday and his wee eyes lit up as I removed the packaging to reveal the multi-coloured contraption that was his ToddleBike! I’m not going to lie, the moment I laid eyes on the ToddleBike I wasn’t that impressed, it looked cheap and there wasn’t much to it! Those views quickly changed as I had a closer inspection of the ToddleBike. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that! The beauty of the ToddleBike is it’s size, it fits into the smallest of spaces in the boot or even the footwell of the car!


The ToddleBike really is a well engineered product, light yet very sturdy, with bright colours which instantly attracted Jamie. His wee face was a picture as tried the bike out for the first time. I wondered how long his excitement and love for the bike would last as we all know how quickly 2yr olds get bored of things! Well I can honestly say that Jamie still takes his ToddleBike EVERYWHERE with him, and I mean everywhere!


Every morning Jamie takes his bike on the school run to drop his brother off. The school is only 2 mins from our house but the first couple of times it took 15 mins to get there with Jamie on his bike, to be fair most of it is uphill. Now it takes less than 5 mins as his confidence has soared and he’s gotten to know the bike. As I said earlier the bike is very light yet sturdy, proof being the fact that Jamie quite often picks the bike up and walks with it. On route to the school there are two sets of steps to climb and he carries the bike up them all by himself, he won’t let me give him a hand!


Jamie uses the bike in the house on the laminate flooring, and the bike grips very well without marking the floor! Don’t quite understand how that works but very impressed all the same.  So do I think the ToddleBike has a future? Most definitely! My only regret is that I never discovered the ToddleBike when Callum was younger, he’s now 6 years old. Callum has just come off his stabilisers and what a challenge we had with that! I don’t think we’ll have any problem with Jamie as he’s built up the confidence and skills on his ToddleBike which should ensure a smooth transition.


Jamie 2 years