‘It’s certainly a lot better than the rather cumbersome ride-on toys’

The Toddlebike is said to bridge the gap between slower ride-on toys and balance bikes for toddlers who aren’t quite ready yet for balance or pedal bikes. As the mother of a two and a half year old and a four year old I didn’t realise this was a gap that needed bridging as my four year old has generally been happy with both, though looking back, his first ‘bike’ was more of a pushalong trike than something he could ride himself, so maybe he could have done with this!

The kids love it, I’m not so keen, so I’ll try to offer both sides! They love the fact that it’s light, fast and brightly coloured and argue about it all the time, despite Felix being much too big for it. When we first received it it ended up in the cupboard a number of times because they refused to share it. It’s certainly a lot better than the rather cumbersome ride-on toys that tend to precede it and I can really see how it would appeal to this age range.

I do see the appeal in it but am not overly keen on it. For such a light toy it’s really noisy and I feel that at 2 and a half my daughter is too big for it. With regards to it bridging the gap, I can see that being the case when it comes to speed but not so much balance, as it’s more like a basic trike in this sense. The price is really good though, I do think it looks a little cheap but it seems robust enough and like it would last a while.

Versatility 8/10
Design 6/10
Parent practicality 7/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Learning 4/10
Robustness 8/10
Value for money 9 /10
Overall 7/10

Louise, Felix 4y and sister 30 months