WANTED: Toddlers aged 1-3 years to take part in the Pedal on Parliament event on 19 May to help secure Scotland’s cycling future.


Last year 3000 cyclists, young and old, pedalled on the Scottish Parliament to call for safer cycling for everyone. Despite plenty of warm words from politicians since then, nothing fundamental has changed so we’re doing it again. And this time we’re inviting the 1-3 year olds to take part to highlight that the cycle-friendly Scotland that we are campaigning for is important not only for ourselves, but for generations of cyclists to come so we’re hoping to get as many Toddlers as possible to Toddle on Parliament (TOP at POP!).


This initiative is supported by Toddlebike, a unique ‘pre-balance’ bike that enables Toddlers aged 1-3 who are too young for balance bikes or pedals to take the first steps towards independent riding. Toddlebikes are tiny, and super-lightweight so can be hung from a grown-up’s bike when Junior is catching a lift. We will arrange a specific time for all of our Toddlebikers to meet up for some group fun and photos as part of the main event.


For those who don’t currently own a Toddlebike, a limited number will be available to borrow. These will be sent out asap so that your Toddler can hone their skills over the next month or so (there is an important balance element to master along with self propulsion and turning with handles).


In addition to a willing, suitably-aged child and a window in your diary on 19 May we also ask for a £15 fully refundable deposit either via Paypal or cheque (that won’t be cashed). This is purely to ensure the return of the Toddlebikes at the end of the event.


To register your interest, and your Toddler to join us at Pedal on Parliament this year,  please complete the following form:


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