2012 Riders



WANTED: Active, Independent Toddlers aged around 15-24 months in and around East Lothian to take part in the 2013 Toddlebike Trial.


Now in its 3rd year, the 2013 Toddlebike Trial is looking for Toddlers in the East Lothian area to ‘road-test’ a Toddlebike for around 3 months to let others know first-hand exactly Toddlebike is all about and how it fits in to daily life.


Historically we have run the Toddlebike Trial almost exclusively for cyclists via the cycling media such as Bike Radar, Cycle Chat and Sustrans. This year, in addition to the cycling community, we want to engage families who might not already be keen cyclists making this years Trial as diverse as possible.


Your cycling mission, should you choose to accept it, is to first master riding a Toddlebike, then to venture out on as many varied journeys as possible, taking part in our online forum to share photos and stories and finally submitting a review at the end of the trial.


To see how past ‘Team Riders’ got on take a look at www.toddlebike.co.uk/reveiws or www.facebook.com/2012toddlebike.


Please spread the word about our call for riders – last year we had around 50 in the saddle – this year we would like to double that number! We would also love to hear from Nurseries, Groups or Shops who would like to get involved either to take part.


For further details or to discuss any part of the Trial you can Mandy at Belhaven Bikes on 01368 860300 or Email info@belhavenbikes.co.uk. Belhaven Bikes, based on Dunbar, is working with Toddlebike as a local pick-up point for this project. Alternatively if local pick-up is not convenient Toddlebikes will be posted out to our riders.


In addition to a willing, suitably-aged child, we also ask for a £15 fully refundable deposit either via Paypal or cheque (that won’t be cashed). This is purely to ensure the return of the Toddlebikes at the end of the trial (you can, of course, choose to keep it). We hope to begin getting Toddlers in the saddle by late Spring to take advantage of the good weather. Luckily Toddlebikes are waterproof if its a re-run of the wettest summer on record.


To register your interest, and your Toddler for their first cycling assignment,  please complete the following form:


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