"Hello, I'm Jo Hockley, Founder of Toddlebike.

I can't take the credit for the first generation Toddlebike though - it was my son, Elliot, who on holiday to Belgium noticed and fell in love with the small, brightly colored bike in his cousin's dining room. At 18 months Elliot was active and independent and hated his buggy, but was far too young for balance bikes or scooters. As soon as I saw him on this neat little machine I could see this was exactly what we had been looking for as a step towards independent riding.

On returning to the UK and realising there was no similar product available I negotiated the exclusive rights with the Manufacturer and Toddlebike was born.

Early on there were some changes to the original design - smooth wheels were designed for a quieter ride indoors and some additional QA introduced for the UK market.

Initially we launched online and with a number of independent bike shops. The cycling industry understood straightaway where Toddlebike sits within the child cycling picture - as a first step on a childs cycling journey and we were inundated with amazing reviews and write-ups.

By the end of 2012 we had a very enthusiastic fan base of predominantly cyclists but needed a way to take Toddlebike to a more mainstream audience - which is when I applied for the PitchUp competition for a chance to win the opportunity to pitch Toddlebike to John Lewis.

Toddlebike was picked as one of 12 Finalists who travelled to John Lewis HQ in London to pitch their business idea. The panel immediately saw the genius of Toddlebike and how it would fill the gap between their baby ride-on toys, and toys for older children such as bikes or scooters. 6 months later Toddlebike was available across the John Lewis network and online.

Things have been going amazingly since - we work with childcare and cycling organisations to provide the building blocks to cycling for children as soon as they can confidently walk. You can now find fleets of Toddlebikes available at organisations such as SureStart, Sustrans, Early Years Cycling Projects, Cycling Festivals and childcare organisations and the feedback we continue to receive is fantastic with Toddlebike a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

2015 we have taken the opportunity to redesign the Toddlebike giving it a sleek, modern look and making some physical improvements - building on the key features that have made it such a success. It's been a great ride so far - Elliot is now 7 and progressed past Toddlebike to balance bike and on to pedals by his 4th birthday without a stablizer in sight with his 2 younger sisters following closely behind!

I'm immensely grateful for the support we have received throughout the crazy journey and love to see photos of our Toddlebikers as they progress from Toddlebike on to the next stage of balance bike then finally fledge on to pedals.